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Firefighter Charities:

demoBenevolent Fundraisers are held at various times for special charities that Oak Lawn Firefighters enjoy supporting such as The Children's Museum of Oak Lawn. We thank each person who has donated towards our past events, and have helped to make a difference in the lives of the Oak Lawn residents around us.

New Member:

demoCongrats to our newest and youngest member FF/Paramedic John Goetz.







Community Relations:

demoCommunity Relations: The members of Oak Lawn Professional Fire Fighters strive to make each experience that a community member has with us a pleasant one. Each of us hopes that you value our services, as much as we value your support of us.




Never Forget:

To those who have sacrificed all for the good of others, we will Never Forget our fallen comrades.

AFFI News:

IAFF News:


T-Shirt Sale Fundraiser

The cost of the shirts:

Short sleeve: $15

Long sleeve $20

Size options for both long and short sleeve are S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Pick up shirts on Saturday September 29th at the Oak Lawn Fire House from 12-5 at 9445 S 53rd court, Oak lawn or

October 6th at the Women's Breast Cancer center at 4545 w 103rd st in oak lawn from 3-5 at their open house event. Click the link to purchase a shirt!

Sold Out Thank you for your support!




Station One is located at 103rd and Kostner Ave. Protecting residents and businesses on the south and east side of the village. The station is home to Engine 1 and Med 1 our Bureau of Fire Prevention, Education, and Code Enforcement, as well as the Office of Fire Investigations. We proudly serve the constituents of Districts 4, 5, & 6 and protect the Catholic parishes and schools of St. Germaine, St. Linus and St. Catherine’s as well as Advocate Christ Medical Center and Hope Children’s Hospital. 

Station One 103rd and Kostner Ave. min. 6 (2 medics)
Home to Engine 1 and Med 1 Fire Prevention Bureau Chief & Fire Inspector, EMS
Mass Causality Disaster Trailer

Station Two is located at the corner of 93rd Place and Natchez Ave. protecting residents of the west side. This station is home to Engine 2 and Med 2 our Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, the Office of the Deputy Chief and Chief of the Department, Bureau of Training and Safety, & Chief of EMS. Our 4 story burn building and training tower is located out back and in the basement is the Emergency Operations Center and backup dispatch center. The companies of station two serve the constituents of Districts 1 & 2 and protect St. Gerald’s and St. Louis De Montfort parishes and schools, as well as Oak Lawn High School.

Station Two 93rd and Natoma min. 6 (2 medics) Home to Engine 2 and Med 2 EMS Bureau Chief, Bureau of Training and Safety, & Bureau of EMS. 4 story fire training tower located out back and in the basement is housed the EOC and backup emergency communication center.

Station Three is centrally located just north of 95th St. and 53rd Ct. this station is home to    Rescue Squad 1, Quint, 3, Med 3 and Battalion 1. Also housed here is the departments technical rescue trailer. These companies serve & protect the constituents of Districts 2, 3, and 5 including the heart of the villages’ downtown area and Richards High School.

Station Three 94th and 52nd Ave. min. 10 (2 medics) Home to Quint 3 - Med 3 - Squad 1 - Battalion 1 (shift commander)

We currently have 75 members down from a peak high of 99. With 24 less firefighters and emergency medical technicians we have to continue to do more with less. Our once fully staffed fire prevention bureau had 3 inspectors responsible for annual fire inspections of all properties licensed in the village: multi-family residential, commercial, industrial, offices, schools, churches, restaurants, hotels/motels, medical facilities, car dealers, etc. The bureau is also responsible for all community fire prevention education programs from seniors to schools, teaching babysitter first aide, CPR instruction, fire extinguisher operation and much much more. The Bureau is now staffed by two officers tasked to keep our village and her residents and visitors safe. The second most important thing we do behind answering actual emergency calls is training for them. Preparing for the worst so we are at our best… when seconds count. You may see us around town practicing our trade, feel free to stop by and ask questions or say hi.

Do to the efforts of our local union IAFF 3405 we have been able to preserve our daily minimum staffing level at 22. Making sure enough firefighters and paramedics are available for the nearly 8,000 calls for service we respond to annually. Even with this protection the need for an additional (4th) ambulance is needed. We respond to over 6,000 emergency medical calls annually and even with Christ and Hope hospitals in our backyard we still have to transport to neighboring Palos community hospital and Little Company of Mary when Christ is on bypass*, which further strains our ability to handle the call volume without assistance from nearby departments who are themselves overtaxed with not enough manpower for their own calls. As the need and demand for pre-hospital emergency care rises we will need to staff a 4th advanced life support (ALS) ambulance as well as equip and train our engine, truck, and rescue squad companies to provide ALS service until an ambulance can arrive.

The title fire department is a bit misleading nowadays as fires are down nationwide mostly due to proactive fire prevention education programs, and strong building and fire/life safety codes and their enforcement at the local level. Today we provide emergency medical services, technical rescue, citizen assistance, hazardous material mitigation, well-being checks and health screenings. We still fight fires… all kinds, vehicle fires, grass fires, trash fires, and yes structure fires as well.

Approx. just under 8,000 calls annually
75 members 4 assigned to days
Average age of the department is 45 years



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