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Emergency Medical Services

The Oak Lawn fire depart operates three ALS (advanced life support ) ambulances, one out of each firehouse (103rd and Kostner -station one, 93rd and Natchez station two, & 94th and 53rd Ct. station three) Although this is an increase in the level of service previously provided by OLFD it is a REDUCTION in the TOTAL number of ambulances (we used to operate 4 ambulances; 2 basic life support and 2 advanced life support) available to serve the residents needs. The amount of 9-1-1 calls for emergency medical care increases every year straining the resources currently available to answer those calls. There is already a need for a 4th ALS ambulance to  more efficiently and quickly serve our residents.

Additionally Local 3405 is advocating that our 3 Fire Engines be equipped to provide advance life support service to support and enhance our emergency medical response.

The Oak Lawn Fire Dept. has increased EMS service to our citizens through the Bike Medic program. With assistance and funding from Advocate Christ Medical Center we now provide four ALS equipped bikes and four EMT's available for village events and other local organization & community gatherings. This new service provides mobile onsite medical treatment at events where it is traditionally difficult to get an ambulance crew on-scene quickly. We debuted the new team in 2010. From bee stings and minor lacerations to seizures and heat exhaustion. Also thanks to the Christ Hospital EMS Division we have the availability of a all-terrain John Deere Gator that carries medical equipment and can transport patients from areas where a traditional ambulance cannot access, and bring the patient to an awaiting ambulance. If you would like to request the bike medic team for your event please contact EMS Bureau Chief at 708-499-7700.

Our medics have also joined the area SWAT team and are providing paramedics trained to respond as tactical emergency medical personnel. They work and train in conjunction with our Oak Lawn Police and are there to treat any police officers, victims and suspects that may become injured during an incident.





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