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To those who have sacrificed all for the good of others, we will Never Forget our fallen comrades.

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Community Relations

The members of Oak Lawn Professional Fire Fighters strive to make each experience that a community member has with us a pleasant one. Usually, it is at some of the most difficult times in your lives that you encounter us. Other times, it is hopefully on a much less stressful occasion. Each of us hopes that you value our services, as much as we value your support of us. Local #3405 understands that since September 11, 2001, the economy has not been on as solid of footing as it was prior to that date. We understand that your tax dollars need to be spent in a way that is not wasteful. The events of that day also brought on many changes for the Fire Service. Increased demands on our training and resources became a critical factor in our lives as First Responders to not only normal community emergencies, but now to terrorism as well. Let us assure you, we have maintained a strong grasp of the new expectations that are upon us, and strive to give the residents of Oak Lawn the best possible service available.


Often times, you may see firefighters standing on corners with a firefighting boot raising funds. The funds from those Boot Drives goes to an organization called MDA, or Muscular Dystrophy Association. The International Association of Fire Fighters has been affiliated with this great organization for over 50 years now, and is commonly known with Jerry Lewis, or Jerry's Kids. We are proud that the residents of Oak Lawn help to make the lives of those who suffer from MDA a little easier with their generous contributions. As residents, you may not have the opportunity to see our Member's out on Fill the Boot Day. That is why we are placing a direct link to the MDA if you would like to make a contribution throughout the year. Just click on the MDA picture, and it will take you to the donations page of the MDA. Thank you for all of your support with this great organization.


Community Partnerships:

West Side Baseball

Oak Lawn Baseball

Oak Lawn Library

Oak Lawn Park District

Children's Museum of Oak Lawn

Oak Lawn Chamber of Commerece

Oak Lawn Ice Arena



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Professional Firefighters IAFF Local #3405
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